Hello, my beautiful #LadyBeast ladies,

I have been told to keep this short so I will try even though there is so much I want to tell you!

I have been born 1990 in a small a village, as one of those cliché, but unfortunately, true stories go, I have been bullied my entire childhood for always being different and always wanting more. I have had a few big dreams though – I wanted to sing for people, I wanted to write for people, I wanted to travel and I wanted to move to Prague (the capital of Czech Republic).

At the age of 16, I actually moved to Prague without my parents, thanks to big family issues, and I started living on my own, creating my own terms and my own ups and downs. I have been an independent boss ever since.

In 2011 I made a song with a friend of mine that became a no. 1 in my country for half a year, and then another one, and another one…

However, I had to overcome many obstacles along the way, one of them being the lack of confidence that came from what people tried to push in my head, extreme shyness and something I call the “small town syndrome”.

Ten years I had come a long way. But last year my life changed completely! I dumped all terrible people in my life, including my ex-bf, within that year managed to travel to 8 countries, experiencing the best time of my life, becoming self-aware, dancing, singing and meeting new incredible souls.

I turned from a closed constantly scared person into someone who is fully in charge of everything happening in her life and who is constantly jolly.

And I want you to experience the same because it is the most beautiful feeling in the world. And not only that, I want you to connect with like-minded people since I think that there is nothing more exciting than sharing happiness.

Waking up every day knowing you are on the right path is priceless.

Let me tell you the real story and how I got to live reflecting my life motto:

“Act like a Lady while you get it like a Beast”.