Zurich: How to enjoy the Swiss Swiss Bliss

Oh wow, I sighed when my plane was landing in Zurich and the landscape was literally so perfectly lined up, I wish my geometry drawings ever looked this dope. Oh fluff geometry, I could only wish I was ever able to color all the bars so precisely.

This was my first time coming to Switzerland and I have known as much as anyone else and that is that Swiss people are punctual because they better make some good use of the insanely expensive watch they carry, their cheese is to die for and that reminds me that everyone is looking to spot the miraculous purple Milka cow in the Alps that produces the most unhealthy yet the best choco from our childhood ever.


But ok, now I got here and all I am thinking about after calling my Uber is how the fluff do I get out of the airport. Took me a while to figure it out and about four calls with my Uber driver, so suddenly I felt like having a boyfriend again because we did just spend a good amount of time on the phone and most of it is him trying to explain to me something while I am totally lost in translation. #relationshipgoals

So after twenty minutes of wandering around the airport I finally found my way out and got to the car to find out this relatively short ride is three times the price I would pay in my country for the drive to the airport. But I smiled, I mean I am on vacation and I have been warned about the prices here.

The hotel that has been picked is right in the center next to the beautiful Opera House called the Opera Hotel and I was so happy that I could immediately go out for a stroll. But luckily for me a day ago I just decided to get rid of my tattoo and now I was not allowed to let any sun rays to that part of my skin which just happened to be on my right wrist, so I was walking around the city with a huge black scarf twisted around my wrist about ten times and I looked like I badly wanted to become a classy flight attendant.

The time left for my friend to join me from Germany was still a few hours so I decided to use the time to find nice Instagram friendly spots around the city and I decided to buy a small chia seed yogurt that cost the same amount as I would pay for a two course meal in Prague. Yolo! Honestly, enjoying Switzerland on a budget must be a total pain so once you decide for this trip you better dive right in otherwise you will get up feeling screwed, and not in a good way.

However, here are few tips from me if you decide to travel to Zurich for a weekend:

  1. Everything is quite pricey in Zurich and any hotel will cost you around 100 euros per night so it is better to actually pay a bit extra and get a hotel right in the center so everything is in a walking distance and also you save up so much on Uber which is going to cost you a fortune.
  2. Swiss food is good but from my experience, not amazing. Searching for an amazing foodie place on Tripadvisor is a possibility but we found places that were rated quite high and still the food was meh. I would actually advise eating in some small bistros or cafes and focus on the food from the perspective of cheese and wine.
  3. If you want to enjoy a nice drink and a nice view go to Jules Verne in the center where you can start your evening with your friends. Then just around the corner and during a nice sunlight, you have to go to an amazing veggie rooftop restaurant called Hiltl Dachterrase. Try to get a spot on the left terrace during the sunset scene because it is beyond beautiful and super cozy.
  4. Visit the amazing Japanese garden, which is about 15 minutes walk from the center. The garden is quite small but it is absolutely stunning. Try to get there as early as possible in the morning because even then it gets bit peopley, haha. And don’t forget to check the roof of the beautiful gazebo on the lake. The water reflection is just stunning.
  5. When in Zurich, decide to either hit the Rhine Falls which is the biggest and strongest waterfall in Europe or wander the other side to Interlaken, which is where I went. But don’t forget your thick jumper at home because you will reach the Alpes and for fresh air you will pay by chills.
  6. Nearby Interlaken, there are many spots with animals and a nice big lake, so get out of the car and let your beautiful skin get oxygenated and young again. AND FOR FREE, which is rare in Switzerland.
  7. Then, if you are blessed with enough time, reach the amazing Grindenwald. The place is so green and so eco-friendly you will feel like in the Middle-Earth. Take the cable up (which I didn’t have time to do, unfortunately) and then post all your awesome pictures in my comment section to make me feel jealous because I have heard it is the most precious view you can ever get.


The Alps are just amazing and the air is something beyond belief. Last year when I visited the Austrian Alps and Dachstein, it was actually my first time in the mountains.

I always thought I was more of a city girl and a beach bum but right there I discovered another side of me – a careless backpacker who just loves to live with smelly animals and be present by every deep clean breathe she takes. You should totally try this.

Switzerland is magical and the atmosphere so much reminded me of the noble Vienna slash the Mediterranean and poshy Paris and a bit cheeky Rome. Anyone will find something lovely about it.

The people are nice and polite to the point they will make you feel small about yourself, there is just something about their mannerism which always reminded me of true gentlemen and classy ladies.

But Zurich is not for a living unless you make good stacc so you can then relacc. Apart from that, totally go explore the weekend Swiss Bliss!


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