Cappadocia: Get your best balloon picture!

So here it is when I have to admit, I am sick. I caught the travel bug and I just don’t know how to stop.

Lately, I have been thinking about why is it that I love to travel so much and because I love being self-aware, I must admit, I guess I am trying to find myself in some sort of way.

But also, I just chase freedom. Always have, always will. It is the only permanent state I want to be reaching that would not feel stereotypical for me, and God knows I cannot stand stereotype.


So this trip literally happened in my mind when I was still enjoying Zurich. I kept seeing these posts of girls in their airy gowns on top of majestic caves with balloons everywhere around and I thought – wow, I want to be there. I want to be her. I just want, want, want.

And I guess because I wanted it so badly, the manifestation of the thought brought it to me and a week later I found myself in this miraculous land in Göreme, Kapadokya, Turkey.


I have fallen in love with Turkey beginning of 2018 during my weekend trip to Istanbul. I just love the culture, the food which is similar to our Serbian food (my dad is Serbian) and oh well, the men are just – the perfect balance between a gentleman with a blood of their warrior ancestors.

Just, yes.

I have seen many places by now and I have fallen in love with and in many of the places – that is why I cannot give up traveling. However, what was just about to come was something beyond I have ever pictured.

Immediately after landing and going from Nevsehir to our Anatolian Houses Hotel in Göreme, my mouth just dropped. And it kept dropping more and more and more by every next kilometer and by the time we have reached the destination I looked like one of those cartoon characters that leave their face behind. I could not believe this.

This place is magical. This place is spectacular. This place is paradise.

All those pictures I have been so eagerly checking before spoke nothing of the real beauty of Cappadocia.

The caves building this city were just standing there and attracting my eyes while the smell of Turkish food spread in the air and that is when the sound of Azan filled into the other sounds of this small cute town and my heart just melted in peace.

5 quick tips to enjoy the best balloon ride:

  1. The travel agencies for balloons are everywhere so you don’t need to book it via hotel in advance. Book when you reach there and save up the commission for the hotel for yourself.
  2. Also, this is perfect for you to check the weather in advance because the weather is a big factor in how you will enjoy the ride. I was insanely lucky to go on a day when the sky was super clear and I saw the most beautiful sunrise of my life. But all the rest of the week was gloomy and rainy and nothing like what I experienced.
  3. You are probably there to take some pictures and the car will pick you up around 5 am so make sure you go to bed early the night before and get your beauty sleep, wake up at four and make some effort to cover the dark circles.
  4. You don’t need a jacket because the fire from the balloon will make you warm even if the air around is chilly and even if you want to wear a beautiful dress, make sure you have closed shoes because you will have to climb into the balloon and if you wear slippers and a long ass dress like me + your messed up head without any proper sleep, you will feel like a joke and look like Charlie Chaplin.
  5. If you are planning to shoot a video with your DSLR, make sure you take your gimbal because the balloon is kinda shaky. I would also advise you to pick one good lens that could work for anything you want to shoot because you don’t want to miss anything while changing the lenses.


And lastly, the most important tip HOW TO ACTUALLY GET THE BEST BALLOON PICTURE?


You will be separated into three sections of the balloon and each section will have about five people.

Make an agreement with the rest of the people to switch the sides every now and then. Now the key point is – listen carefully here – while you go to the corner of the balloon to pose like a diva that has no idea she has been just taken a picture of, ask your friend to stand diagonally on the other side, this way you will have the best space around you and the picture will cover you, the balloon and other balloons as well. Also, plan this moment to when the balloon is turned in the way the sunrise is coming from the right side or the left side (but preferably from the same side your face is turning to), not directly behind your body though so it is still in the picture but it not turning you into a silhouette.

Another tip would be to actually separate with your partner and each one of you will go to one side of the balloon (the separated section that is actually close to the each other, not across the whole balloon) and this way you can actually keep snapping each other all the time with quite a lot of space around you.

The last thing you want to feel now is the frustration of “I should have stood here”, so I hope this was helpful!

And then just play around it, have fun, but don’t forget to feel the moment.

I woke up every single day of my stay at 4 AM to snap pictures in the morning even when I was not in the balloon. Because Cappadocia is just one big photo paradise and you will never have enough. Luckily for me, my partner was so amazing to wake up with me and not only that, he took the most incredible photos and had great ideas. So consider the right kind of person to go with you for this kind of trip as well. You do want to have nice memories from here.

I hope you will have an amazing time and you will be as blown away as me.

Oh, and don’t forget to take a ride on a horsey in the Red Valley during sunset. I literally wanted to cry from happiness. And. I. Never. Cry.

You can check my trip on my IG in my Escapes Highlighted section and also my pictures from Cappadocia to get inspired.

Please, let me know if this was helpful and do show me the results of your vacay in Göreme!



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