Create your dream life: How to wish for anything

“Dear God,

you know I have been a good  girl lately, trying to avoid and tame down all the best and most tempting things in life, so please could you give me…”

And God didn’t answer.


Let me break down the sentence and tell you why you will never ever achieve anything like this.

Although we have been taught that being humble is the answer and it certainly is – there are many forms of humbleness and many after effects of it.

Being humble and grateful for what you have got is the best feeling and the most reproductive of all of them.

Knowing that you are happy in where you are and you feel blessed and you are aware of the fact it can all get swiped away in a second and yet containing the positive attitude, overcoming the fear of losing it, is what will attract more things and experiences alike.

Telling God or the Universe – or whatever you please – that you have been good lately so that you can get something else is like saying “I have done this knowing I am going to get something out of it, so now it is your turn.” So you are actually not humble at all, you are doing something, expecting something in return. And even better, you are expecting something in return from a force that you have never seen, never touched and even if you are a strong believer, sometimes you get doubted about (that’s just human nature). Apart from that, you sound like a total suck up. And nobody likes suck-ups, I bet even the Universe doesn’t.

The Universe responds to a magnetic field. It doesn’t understand your emotions, nor your thoughts, but it does understand the vibe of your feeling that you are sending out and it naturally wants to send you back what you deserve for that vibe because there is balance in nature.

You can read much more about this one in the book Das Gesetz der Resonanz from Pierre Franckh.


But how are we supposed to wish for things then?

I have read many books from the clichés like The secret to the Hawaiian Hoʻoponopono technique and I have been practicing those for a while. And for a very long time, nothing really seemed to work till I realized that I have been doing it completely wrong and that going into a meditation mode and pray for something is not going to bring you much. Want to know why?

Here are my 3 insights on how to send out a wish that is going to bring you the life of your dreams:


  1. Be so sweet, your teeth are aching

It is not just about the wish. Once again, it is about your magnetic field and the energy that you keep sending out. For the time you have been given, you are not a one time project, at least not from your perspective. It is not like you are going to pray for something for a week and then it’s going to happen and then you go back to being your meh-self. Even if you actually managed to get what you wanted, there is a big certainty you would somehow lose it again.

That was my story. I went up and down, down and up, and then back down. I surrounded myself with wrong people and my initial belief was that I didn’t deserve anything amazing. Then I always got fed up, changed everything, changed the people, but somehow I ended up in the same ugly shoes. The people might have had different faces, but they treated me the same. So last year after eliminating the last terrible person and understanding that the only one who can fix me is ME, I made a decision that changed my life, forever.

I decided to be happy. I decided to wake up every single morning and the first thing to do was not any more to feel like having a huge weight on my shoulders and asking myself whether my boyfriend really loves me. I loved myself and I smiled. That smile has changed everything.

It rewired my brain immediately to make it think that good things are happening.

And I also learned that even when ish goes down, I smile. I relax. Which was the hardest thing to learn for a control freak Virgo. But I did it. I put my mind into it and where I used to be stressed and nasty to other people when they ruined our plans or tried to treat me like shit, I just let go of the energy and move on to something else that feels good.

Since the beginning of 2017, there haven’t been many days that I have been sad. My usual mood is to be happy and confident. I definitely have not been born like this, I have always been a frightened melancholic and I have practiced this for all those months and the second you realize that it actually works, the more you feel happy, the happier things and people you attract. I also found out that letting go of your fear is not such a big deal as I always thought it would be.


  1. Go with the flow

Like I said earlier, controlling everything is never going to work out. Don’t try to think about too many details. I mean, you can certainly write down in your diary specifically what you wish from life, but there are two things to it – you shouldn’t hold on to that vision in your wish because then you are limiting yourself and blocking other amazing things that could come along from the other side and reform your wish, because you are self-improving all the time, and also – you aren’t the ruler of the Universe.

You don’t know bulls ish about what is right and what is wrong, even when it comes to you.

Humans, we are very limited in the way we live if you think about it from a complex perspective. We are still missing many many things in the equation to be able to understand even what is right for us. Yesterday you were in love and today you don’t feel anything. That is why you shouldn’t try to force wish how your life is supposed to exactly look like. Just let go. Think about certain keywords you wish to be underlining the story of your life and think about the happy feeling it gives you but don’t try to take over. You will never win.


  1. Live in a fairy tale

One of the biggest changes and the hardest thing I have done was to start believing I am good when I was not. I fooled myself for weeks after my heartbreak thinking I was fine, I didn’t miss anything, I was stable and I was happy. I worked out every single morning to release endorphins the first thing so that I can source from it for this fake happiness I have created in my mind, and soon afterward I have realized the happiness wasn’t fake anymore. And good things were coming along, and more and more and before I could even notice it, I was living the life of my dreams. I got an amazing job that allowed me to travel, I made good money, I kept meeting only great and interesting people that openly expressed their liking towards me and I was open to sharing my sympathy too.

When I want something, I imagine already having it, and I try to feel all the emotions that sometimes even turn to an electricity – that’s how excited I actually am.

And when your permanent state of mind is already set to being only positive, an extra prayer or meditation feeling all the good things and love coming towards is only going to boost everything. But first, you have to start with step one and two.

So with all this being said, here is a quick summary:

I wake up every morning with a smile on my face.

I wash my face and I pray.

I switch off at that moment and after the prayer, I have been using Gabrielle Bernstein’s affirmation which makes me feel so good: “What would you have me do, where would you have me go, what would you have me say and to whom.” – The feeling of letting go is just amazing.

I work out, releasing more happiness.

On my way to work, I picture all the amazing things coming along. I smile and send out good energy without overthinking.

I feel grateful throughout the whole day for everything I have got.

I go sleep with a smile on my face because tomorrow is going to be another day and I am so excited to see what it’s going to bring.

I love my life.


Practicing certain steps is not going to be easy. Your ego will try to stand in your way telling you what to do and that you should be holding on to your old patterns but that’s when you should fight the most.

The moment you release the clench is when everything else folds together for you. Sometimes you don’t even know your deepest desires and that is ok because the second you let go, they will come in front of you and you will recognize them.


I can guarantee this.




Start over.


I believe in you,

Have a beautiful Monday, beautiful!


Hello beautiful, I am so glad to have you here! My name is Kiki and I am a female boss who truly loves to be a woman. I embrace feminity, my curves, and love supporting other women. I am a classy freak who has the answer to everything (whether that is a right one is another question though). At the moment, I am on a mission to create my most brilliant masterpiece so far - my life. Feel free to send me a message or connect with me on any of the social networks. ♥

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