Which sassy literature heroine are you?

Oh, I so badly want to read some book! It has been honestly ages since I properly read some literature (if I don’t count reading over and over again my most beloved Lolita from Nabokov – honestly that book is just such a treasure).

The other day I was put in front of quite a tough decision when I had to let one person down for the good of ten others, issue was that the one person that was balancing those ten, was someone very dear to me, and I also needed a little help from him later on, lol not gonna lie and sugarcoat.

And then this chain of thoughts happened in my head when I just get stuck on thinking about my way of thinking. I love decoding my personality and characters of other people.


Fast forward couple hours later, I was sitting in a park with another friend, my barefoot I was feeling the grass, my skin was absorbing the sunlight and these two seemingly small things made my lips smile while I was describing to my bestie the issue I had to deal with and that I actually got my way around it.


When all of a sudden he says: “Oh, you are such Scarlett O’Hara.”

I was like: “Yeah, but I am Khaleesi too, I am not just selfish, you know. I’m a protagonist slash leader. Depending on the day of the month, remember?” I started to laugh.

Meeting my friend’s eyes rolling way up to get blinded by the sun, with a written “you women” in them.

And then this crazy debate about which literature character would we be started and I realized I have never really given this one a proper thought before!


But I have now and I am bringing you 5 different types of female literature heroes that have a skill of real sas! Read carefully and then let me know, which are you?

  1. Khaleesi (Daynerys Targaryen)

Similar character: Katnis Everdeen

SAS: 80%

These heroines are total protagonists! They have a clear agenda and then go for it no matter what. The special thing about Khaleesi is that there is so much development in her character that formed h

er from a fragile girl into a powerful ladybeast woman, who is not afraid of anything. There was a point in her life when she had to marry the darkness and from ashes transform into someone with literally no ish given. What I like about all these characters is that on the first look they seem like just another girl and they have a huge amount of humbleness in them and yet they kick ass. Also, their focus and their agenda is without a doubt #bossbabe. Khaleesi, however, is extraordinarily ambitious but she still keeps her heart pure and it feels like she is willing to sacrifice herself for the benefit of others. But I would totally not want to mess with her dragons nor with Katnis’es arrows.

  1. Alice in Wonderland

Similar character: Coraline

SAS: 70%

Coraline is definitely sassier than Alice – wasn’t that your immediate thought? And youwould probably be right in a certain perspective but I wouldn’t be so harsh to judge her.Given the thought of the period in which both of the characters are living and how much they are allowed to misbehave towards their parents, I think Alice is a total badass! She might seem like such a fragile and shy girl which any other girl her age is, but let’s not forget – she was not scared to follow the white rabbit! She was not scared to uncover the mystery and go for the amazing adventure in Wonderland. And even in another land that made no sense at all, she had no second thought when telling Queen of Hearts her opinion about her terrible behavior. Such a little girl making such a huge impact in a foreign dimension is a total heroine and should not be underestimated. I remember when being in my first relationship – my ex boyfriend used to love to call me Alice and be not mistaken – it was a swear word. It meant I was a dreamer and wanted to go around the world and observe i

nstead of paying attention to work and what was hugely important in his world. So soon after that, I stopped going out and I stopped being this bubbly excited about life character. And the moment I almost died was when I decided to kill my relationship and rescue Alice in me. Never let anyone take away your Alice!

  1. Hermione Granger

Similar character: Elisabeth Bennet

SAS: 65%

Ok, so just because I rate them 65% doesn’t mean they should not be here. I am sure all of you girls will agree with me that both Hermione and Elisabeth were not just ordinary girls. Let’s start with a fact that Hermione was not scared at all that her best friend was hunted by all the bad guys and she even saved Harry’s and Ron’s ass a few times. In Sorcerer’s stone, you know who the real boss was? Hermione! She insisted on going with the guys even when they didn’t want her and managed to save them so many times it’s not even funny. And who was the only person that ever punched Malfoy? Hermione! And it was Hermione who was described to be the one giving the very first kiss to Ron. So clearly this girl has no fear. And everyone is already familiar with her being outspoken and incredibly witty. So is Elisabeth Bennet who also btw was one of the first feministic heroines when she pr

eferred to learn piano and read instead of getting married to someone to wither away in the marriage, as many girls used to back then. She always wanted more and manifested it so the Universe brought her the husband other women could barely dream of!

  1. Becky Sharp

Similar character: Scarlett O’Hara

SAS: 90%

Ok I know that if you are the newer generation you might not be familiar with these incredibly witty and powerful women, and if it is so, you have to fix it asap my love. My mom used to adore Scarlett, my auntie’s wedding song was Love hurts from Scarlett series, only for the reason she wanted to feel like her for once in her life. She was not a particularly likeable character always, neither was Becky Sharp. They both were quite manipulative and someone might say they had a slight form of sociopathy or at least narcissism. But, can you blame them? Again, think of the time these characters had to live in and what they had to go through. I don’t blame them at all and I remember growing up as a child, Becky Sharp was my number one top heroine. She knew what she wanted from a very young age. She decided she was not going to suffer and she always knew how to play the cards she was given. Yes, she was a manipulative actress and one never knew if she truly ever loved Rawdon. On the contrary, Scarlett might have slapped Rhett Butler as many times as she wanted and I never believed she at least once felt a slight hunch of love towards him. Both are probably my most favorite characters also because they have so much passion and seem a bit clumsy, which reminds me of me. Like when I stumble over, I just stand up and hold my head as high as before and quite frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.

  1. Domina Agrippina

Similar character: Cercei, Amy from Gone Girl

SAS: 110%

Wohoo! Here you don’t mess or you’ll stress, darling! The chances of you getting hurt if you mess with these is about 99%. And the only reason I took off the 1% is because both Domina and Cercei have one Achilles’ heel – their children. I remember being about 14 years old when I first read Domina from Paul Doherty and I was blown away. This quite short book contained so much power, emotions, hurt, darkness, laughter and games like no book I have read by that time and I was quite a reader thanks to my mom who forbad me from watching TV and being online. Again, if you haven’t read this awesome book, please give it a shot, you will be done with it in two days but you will admire someone for life. The way this woman had to play her cards makes her the best card player ever. She literally had no chance to be any different because if you are growing up knowing that everyone wants to kill you, it makes you a walking rock. Cercei is no different and I still try to see something good in her, besides me loving her sas. I am sorry but I really do. And when it comes to the amazing Amy? Oh, she truly was amazing, wasn’t she? She left you speechless, I bet. I remember that scene and in my head I had an immediate shout out “that’s my gurl!” But of course these characters are without a doubt sociopathic and without a doubt not positive characters but oh the other hand, world is not all violets and bunnies, is it? And someone has to do the dirty job, muhaha.

So hand on heart, which character do you think you would be?


I am definitely close to Becky as stated before even though I will forever admire the “no Fs given” of Domina. But growing up, I was definitely a nerdy Hermione. Haha, well, after all, every character needs to develop right?

You can also have a bit of all of them, why not! Create your perfect heroine, take over it and start writing your story today.

The world is a battlefield, so kill em with kindness.



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