Dress your confidence: How your fashion affects your behavior

When we talk fashion, it is such a huge concept that it can mean Jeans and a loose jumper to you while your best friend sees it as tight dresses with heels (and that friend of yours is probably me, lol.)

Throughout the years, fashion has always been one of the things that give us the freedom of expressing our true self. That is why in the moment of crisis or war, fashion has been changing along the way.

It has been molded and dictated to by government, society and other institutions. That is why until today in some schools you are obligated to wear your uniform so you are not allowed to show the world – before you even speak – who you are.

And just like you grow up and form your opinions, your fashion grows with you. That is why we keep looking at old pictures holding our head with “what the fluff was I thinking!” I mean, I certainly do that a lot!


The institutions, however, know very well that fashion is very much connected with our psychology, with the way we feel about ourselves and how we present ourselves equals to how we can stand up for ourselves – and that, my dear, can for sure be dangerous to them.

We all are individuals and we feel comfortable in something else, as I mentioned before. But that doesn’t change the fact that certain colors and dresses affect us equally.

I, for example, have three different styles in my wardrobe which I switch from and to every now and then depending on my mood and of course where I’m going as well. And I think that these three types can apply to pretty much any other girl.


The CEO girl

This one is by far my most favorite. I have been digging my corporate dresses, suits, and pants for years now. And I just know that every time I wear any of those, my posture is straight, my steps are longer, so is my neck and I speak calmly and with so much confidence I feel like I could rule the world.

They say “dress the position you want, not the one you have”, right?

I have noticed that everytime I wear something from my CEO drawer, people really respect me. The reason is not that they would respect my closet, they respect me because I respect me.

A simple pencil dress or right pants with an easy white shirt and a nice blazer can do real wonders. Of course, heels are usually part of this manifestation, but they really are not the must if you don’t feel comfortable in them.

When I pick this style, I usually avoid wearing any patterns and excessive accessories. I would pick nice easy watch, and maybe some easy earrings. My hair would usually be wavy and free or in a sleek long ponytail.

When choosing my colors, I would avoid anything too colorful like yellow and pink which has never really been my problem because my whole wardrobe is pretty much different shades of black, white, red and blue. Those are the colors I would go for and of course brown and beige.


  • When going to an important meeting, I would actually suggest avoiding grey. It makes us blunt and not so easy to remember.
  • If you want to give them the feeling of trusting you, pick blue.
  • If you want to be a mystery, pick black.
  • If you want to show them that you are a warrior, combine white and red.
  • White alone is going to show that you are not afraid to stand out and brown always gives a calming feeling.

So here is the thinking process:

  • If you are going to give a speech about baby nutrition, pick nice bright blue blouse and a beige skirt.
  • If you are going to fight for your salary, totally your white and red combo is a confidence booster and more about why red is so special in here!


Shoes are of course also very important, so make sure you have simple stilettos and invest in more comfortable shoes, this is not where you should be considering AliExpress, my love!



The CHIC girl

This category reflects two styles actually. A day and a night style, and they both are equally fun and fashionable but again, very different when it comes to the occasions and color picking.

When going in the afternoon, we usually go out with friends, to enjoy our day and we want to feel 100% comfortable. I would definitely use some patterns in here and I would have fun with it like there is no tomorrow! This is when I would combine different screamy colors with simple flat shoes (even though I am a heels freak and I swear I will wear my best Jimmy Choos in my grave!)

A floral and animal pattern is totally allowed, so are slogans on your shirt, even though those I would most probably wear for the night.

In here you can totally become anyone you want. You can be romantic, edgy, hot or trendy.

Also, here I am not afraid to combine two up to three different styles together and go mental on the accessories because Imma be real – I just love my accessories. But that doesn’t mean that I have to walk like a Christmas tree, right? I would pick two, max. three things and make sure I don’t have too many things blinging in one area.

For the night, it will most probably be heels combined with something sexy. Yes, nights are made to feel sexy, aren’t they? Depending on the event, I would go for my loose pants or slim fit latex dress.


But, make sure that you never underestimate the company. A true lady always does her research and never wants to be the center of attention in a bad way. We want to look elegant and state our point without leaving a bad impression.

The color scheme I usually end up going for is this for the day:

And this for the night:

It is simple and as long as I always pick one stable color and then play around with it, it can never go wrong.


A little tip:

I know that many of us put the clothes on, snap a picture and Snapchat it to our besties to evaluate if it’s appropriate. The issue with that one is that we might look perfect on the picture because the lighting was just right and you sucked in your tummy, let’s be real, but we are not 2D. You will be moving and eating and laughing and if you have a drink or two, you will totally stop sucking your tummy in. So those are all factors that you need to consider before you go for your outfit. Instead of taking a picture, take a short video on which you are in motion and act totally normal, then send it to your friend or check it yourself. This is the reality, my dear. Do you love it? If yes, then hell yea, go for it!


I know for a fact that when I wear something more comfy with let’s say a print or a slogan on my shirt, I am going to act wilder than when I wear a nice dress with lighter colors – in those moments I am usually still in my more elegant, speak slow and evaluate everyone around (haha) mode.



  • If you are going for your boyfriend’s moms birthday party, go for something more elegant and don’t be afraid to wear flats, you are not the center of attention and you want to avoid having swollen ankles and stop smiling at your new mama, because, you need her to like you. You really do. Like really.
  • However, if it’s your once in a month ladies night out, you can wear the craziest thing you just got and totally rock it because you wanna feel like the night is totally yours.
  • When out at night, I would usually pick brighter colors so people can see me if I know that I will have a ride home or I’m cabbing. Otherwise, I am counting on the fact that I don’t want to be that visible when going home. Yes, there are many factors us women have to consider – our life isn’t just lipsticks and nail polish even though I wish!



This one is probably my most and least favorite of all times. Here I find myself in the days when I am just going for a pizza with my best friend and I know that I totally don’t have to impress anyone. However, me being me and knowing that you never know who you might meet (and this should always be your golden rule too), I try to put at least some effort so I combine Lady and Tramp and I am not just 100% a garbage lady.

Here I usually take out few of my shorts (which I usually don’t wear that often) and my sportswear which I would combine again with some fine accessories, either with my watch and nice glasses or something bit more extra. Shoes are usually flats because I simply cannot be bothered and hair is totally a messy ponytail or my favorite fake braid.


If you just combine simple things together and apply nice lipstick along with good mascara, you can still rule the world!


Sometimes I also dress in a Tomboy style, but again, I would never leave out my red lipstick. That is just a must when you otherwise look like you don’t give a fluff. It sort of changes the whole outfit from I didn’t sleep so well, to I am still a confident woman and if you dare to give me one bad look, my flawless lips will curse you, haha.

Sometimes it is nice to just let go and don’t spend hours on picking the right clothes. Which, btw, I totally have a huuuuge hack for!

But about that one later.

I am just going out. It is Saturday and I am meeting some super cool girls for networking on a picnic out, which means pictures time – which means – CHIC girl day!


And which one is yours today?


Hello beautiful, I am so glad to have you here! My name is Kiki and I am a female boss who truly loves to be a woman. I embrace feminity, my curves, and love supporting other women. I am a classy freak who has the answer to everything (whether that is a right one is another question though). At the moment, I am on a mission to create my most brilliant masterpiece so far - my life. Feel free to send me a message or connect with me on any of the social networks. ♥

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