Don’t quit! 5 biggest struggles to keep up your work out and how to fix them

Who stalks me on my IG account (if you don’t, here you go, love) knows that about a month ago I went to pleasantly enjoy my girls night out at the Burlesque theatre and the night which was supposed to be all smiles and giggles instead turned out to be a nightmare full of fat ankles and jiggles. Ok, I know I should stop overdramatizing. Let’s just say this – I really enjoyed myself in India and gained five kilos more without even noticing.

The pictures spoke for itself and imagine the night full of perfect Dita Von Teese figures and then you sitting there constantly thinking in your head what the fluff happened.

So about two days after I made an announcement that I was going to work out every single day for 30 days, I will quit sugar, bread and I will eat mostly veggies and protein.

I started that very same day with lots of encouragement, which was given by checking up the picture on which I looked like Ursula. And don’t get me wrong, love, I have nothing against chunky girls, I actually worship them but I don’t feel comfortable like it plus I hate the fact I let go of my discipline routine.

But as we know, anyone who starts so eagerly their new lifestyle will reach moments of crying into their pillow with a choco bar dangerously close to their mouth (imagine this scene in a slow-mo for another dramatic effect).

That is perfectly normal. I also had moments when I would just rather rip off my arms then to do another set of push-ups, and days when I woke up 6.30 for my work out only to stalk Instagram for another hour before I had to get to work.

However, that month taught me many things!

We might think that if we skip one day because of some reason it is fine but hand on heart, you know you will think the same way tomorrow so just keep going!

So here are some struggles, which hit me hard and how I dealt with them:

Eating no sugar

Sugar is such a bitch. That is how I’m gonna start it, yes. I never knew how dangerous this little white grain is until I stopped eating it. At first, I felt super confident about eating no artificial sweet ish (which pretty much meant not putting it in my coffee, don’t use my magic sweet gums box when working which I got from my mama, and eating no processed food which is probably the hardest part). Fifth day after I started I literally got anxiety issues and my body started screaming for sugar. I felt tired and I only could think of something sweet even thinking about opening condense milk, like Ew! So what I did was that I prepared nuts and small finger food like carrots, cucumbers and anything that could trick my mind at least for a minute that I was eating something. It worked for about half an hour and then I had to repeat. Also, in no way should you EVER buy anything sweet in the store. The math of you eating goes like this: meltdown + your body sabotaging your mind * mentality of an ape at the moment= ALWAYS.

How to fit my work out in the day

I honestly put my alarm clock on 6 AM every morning but the number of times I actually got up to work out was only one third because I have a very busy and full schedule and when going to bed at 1 AM it is almost impossible to wake up at 6 AM knowing you will have to do something you don’t want to, especially in the beginning. So what I did was that I actually did get up at 6 AM to work extra on the stuff I knew I had to do later anyway, which was less painful at that moment and then when getting home from the office, I immediately put on my sportswear and started. But, I would still say that if you can, waking up and working out immediately is the best way. Not only the hardest part of the day is done, you don’t have to think about it anymore but it means you will burn your fat immediately since your body didn’t take any energy from food yet.


I overdid my work out yesterday and cannot move today

Oh yes, the biggest struggle and the best excuse of all times, right? Darling, I cannot tell you how many times my ass was on fire and I literally wanted to cry. Unfortunately, the human body is not designed yet to cry your fat out, so suck it up, heat up a bit and you will realize within five minutes that your muscles, once they warm up, don’t actually hurt anymore. Another important thing is that if you really cannot feel some part of your body, you can always exercise a different part and design your work out in a way that you will not even use that damaged part. There are plenty of exercises on the internet. So no excuses!


How to plan my food throughout my busy schedule so I won’t puke when working out

I am the worst when it comes to planning my food and a few times I forgot to eat in the afternoon which meant I had to eat when going home which totally collided with my work out. In those cases, I just ate something super light, usually veggies and maybe a bit of chicken and waited for about half an hour and then went for it. After the first week, I did a big shopping and planned out my lunch for every single day. But then again, if you put your work out as the first thing in the day, you don’t have to deal with this ish.

Decreasing motivation

It is proven that anyone’s motivation is the strongest during the first few days, for some people even first few hours. I had days when I literally just wanted to Netflix and chill because I had so much bs at work I could not think of harming my body when my mind was harmed enough. That is why I put the picture of my fatty legs on my desktop to see it every day and to realize that I have an issue I need to fix and sometimes it takes time. Later on, I learned to put my phone in a flight mode so I would not ever get disturbed. Also! Remember my favorite 2-second rule? Don’t overthink it, put on your bra and start within 2 seconds avoiding any thought process. Once you start, you are safe to continue! Hmm, I smell some sexy thighs coming!


The month has been hard, I had many ups and downs and I hated it especially in the days when I was bit tired and checked myself in the mirror and felt like I was making no progress.

That might happen to you as well but what is important is to realize that this takes time and more than thinking about your tight tushy you should think of how healthy you will get. Also, the reason I decided to do this for 30 days was not a coincidence.


Wanna find out why? Subscribe and check out my next article on What 30 days of work out does to you and start today!

Lastly, you are beautiful as you are love, but it is all about how you feel in your own body. If you aren’t feeling happy and confident, that’s an issue you have to fix. I cheer for you and feel free to keep me posted on your progress. 💋


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