Dubai, the center of Middle-East

“If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home.”

– James Michener


Oh stop crying, you little baby! I hear the sound of my harsh alter ego Nina in my head.

Yes, I am on the plane from New Delhi to Dubai. Three weeks passed like nothing and I cannot believe it has ended. I just know that I will keep this vacay in my memories forever because this vacation truly made me realize that what people always say – life is a struggle – is just not true! Life is going to be what you want it to be but the issue is we often don’t even know what it is we want and thanks to India I know now.

I know I shouldn’t be crying, but I can’t help but shed a tear for the fact every single minute of past three weeks was a blast and it feels like I am doing something wrong to myself leaving it now.

Anyways, I wipe my tear a minute later with a fresh thought of the fact my vacay is not over yet and I am going to enjoy every single bit of it!

Three hours later I can see only sand, a desert under the wings of this huge plane, and it almost looks like I could swim in the sand that’s how much there is!

Suddenly the city starts painting the picture of the infrastructure, I take a deep breath and smile. Always smile. Not only it tricks your mind to release some endorphins, I smile because I am in Dubai! Life is good.

So a few things I immediately noticed when arriving in Dubai:


Prices! Dubai is not cheap. And if you are coming from India, oh you will feel a big difference, my love. I call Uber and immediately am charged 22 dollars for a 20 minutes trip to Marina where my friend is living. Uber is not cheap in this city but to be honest I cannot compare it to taxi since I did not take any. Prices for eating out can be anything but I like to go to nice places so I always ended up paying around 25 dollars per person for food and a drink. However fancy I like to feel though, I had to laugh one time having a Club sandwich in one of the places at the Barasti beach (which is a beautiful place and totally worth it) for approx. 40 dollars. I mean, that chicken had to be a celebrity.


Clubbing! I am gonna again brag about Prague and say everyone comes over to have the time of the their life but let me just tell you, our night scene is nothing in comparison and I am not only talking about the music and the environment, I am talking about the people. There is some serious competition on the dance floor! Everyone dresses like going to the red carpet event as well. What I liked was that guys don’t just grab you and assume you will push your ass on them, since Dubai is still not so liberal, guys are laid back and wait for the girl to make the move. Also, Tuesdays are ladies night so girls usually get tokens for free drinks which comes in handy if you drink because the cocktails are priceeeyy!


Metro! Omg, nice, clean and fresh, with a separate section only for women and children when you have a bad hair day and you just wanna be left alone. The price is quite cheap, around 1-2 dollars from Marina to Dubai Mall.


English friendly! Dubai has so many expats that you just hear English everywhere. And in public areas, they always say information in English as well, which is very refreshing and still not so common in European countries for example.


Polished look! Dubai is without a doubt one of the cleanest and nicest areas in the world. Coming from India, a place that is raw, I felt like I just entered a huge entertainment park. Every single meter is spotless and well thought of. Everything looks like if you dropped an ice-cream on the floor, you could literally just pick it up and eat it. I mean, I think I would, but that just might be me being a little fatty.


The Giants! Everyone knows that Dubai is a place full of skyscrapers, but oh my, there are truly everywhere! I honestly did not really like the feeling of how small I was in around those giant buildings at first but the second day of my stay I fell in love with it. Living on the 30th floor is impossible in my city and looking up seeing another fifty floors is just cray-cray. However, it gives you a really modern feeling and hey, at least I was closer to the sun, yey!

What I loved about the place:

  • The perfect combination of business and career-oriented city and vacay vibe with beaches and entertainment spots around
  • How safe as a woman I felt around
  • That it isn’t as conservative as some might think, I mean yes, I would not advise you to have your bachelor party in there, but if you behave you don’t have to think twice about anything
  • The weather at the time of my arrival was really nice and warm, on the edge of 30 degrees which was just perfect for me
  • Everyone looks nice and proper and people are naturally nice to each other
  • Plus… and it is a big PLUS, for the fact the city managed to turn a desert into something so attractive for foreigners, a place full of positive vibes, and they constantly try to make nice events open for everyone

Then there are of course things to be aware of such as: drinking in public area is illegal, physical affection to someone is very fraud upon and illegal, walking around malls with your shoulders and knees uncovered is forbidden, and I would definitely suggest wearing something proper while walking around as well, and taking pictures and videos with people in the footage (especially when on the beach) is also not advisable.


But as long as you keep in mind you are still in UAE – an Arabic land that operates under certain rules, you are good to go.

I honestly loved this experience and although I didn’t cry anymore while going back home because I was sure I will come back, I am missing Dubai every single day and would definitely suggest you to stop listening to TV reports and come here to make up your own mind and have the time of your life.


Hello beautiful, I am so glad to have you here! My name is Kiki and I am a female boss who truly loves to be a woman. I embrace feminity, my curves, and love supporting other women. I am a classy freak who has the answer to everything (whether that is a right one is another question though). At the moment, I am on a mission to create my most brilliant masterpiece so far - my life. Feel free to send me a message or connect with me on any of the social networks. ♥

  1. Thanks for this write up !! I wanna travel to Dubia in the future and wondered all the things you talked about . Makes me excited to travel there one day !! I have to say you being fearless is absolutely refreshing . Thanks for the inspiration and keep being adorable you !

    1. Hi Corrine,
      You are totally welcome and pleasure is mine! Dubai really is amazing and you will have a lot of fun, it is such a fresh city! Definitely go and have a blast and snap a lot of pictures! <3

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